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Certificates & Accolades

Covington School District Certificate_20220215.jpg
Village of Covington Certificate_20220215.jpg

In appreciation of the many hands helping to bring helpfulness to so many.  I do thank you for your helpfulness to me this past year - it certainly was wonderful and I thank you.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas you have helped my family to have this year.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

Dear Covington Outreach,

I came to pick up my childrens Christmas today and did not expect what I got.  I got in my car and cried and thanked God that there are people like all of you.  I know Christmas isn't about gifts and so do my kids, but you have blessed them.  So from the bottom of all of our hearts Thank you so much.  It doesn't feel like that is even enough.  Not only the help with Christmas but my family has struggled alot and every month I needed help you were there for us.  So again Thank you!  

Thank you very much for helping us with our utilities and food over the last few months.  If it were not for the COA, we would have been on the street. 

Thank you for a truly memorable Christmas morning.  The love of Jesus sure shines thru you people.  Thank you from me and my children.  

We are sincerely grateful to the COA.  We appreciated the opportunity to restock our pantry last summer when we had to "start over" after living with relatives for a while.  I was such a relief to know that our food needs were met at the very difficult time in our lives.  God Bless everyone involved in the COA.  

From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly appreciative.

We would just like to thank everyone for helping us with groceries and school supplies.  We really appreciate it.   Thank you so much.


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